Our Projects
Quotation No. HKP-PDD-2015-11 Planned Maintenance in Ngau Tau Kok Post Office Hong Kong Post $2,788,880.00 2016-3-31
Quotation no. HKP-PDD-2015-01 Planned Maintenance in Wan Chai Post Office Hong Kong Post $3,578,388.00 2015-11-30
Fitting out works and alteration & addition works for Vitagreen Pharmaceutical Factory at 18 Dai Hei Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T. Vitagreen Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Ltd. $20,870,139 2015-01-01
External Wall Repair Works of tower 15 - 19 at Riviera Gardens, Tsuen Wan Urban Group $4,328,800.00 2014-12-31
Interior Fitting-Out Contract Hong Kong Arts Development Council $4,398,880 2014-11-30
Fitting-Out and Renovation of Lee On Post Office Hong Kong Post $2,588,888 2014-09-30
Refurbishment Works for Existing Candy Shop SUMMIT Ocean Park Corporation $608,800 2014-06-30
Renovation and Repair Works for Rhenish Mission Church The Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong $2,639,880 2013-12-31
Fitting-Out Works for Tai Wai Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre The Boys’ and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong $7,479,288 2013-11-30
Fitting Out Works for New Training Centre at Pak Tam, Sai Kung. N.T. The Christian New Being Fellowship Ltd. $8,042,926 2013-08-31
Renovation Works at Tunnel Control Building & Toll booth Shelter of DBRTCL Discovery Bay Road Tunnel Co. Ltd. $1m428,880 2012-01-30
External Wall Cladding Painting Reach Networks Hong Kong Ltd. $3,357,700 2011-06-30
Term Contract for Refurbishment of Vacant Flats Hong Kong Housing Society $9,451,378 2011-05-31
Improvement Works to the acoustic performance of existing windows Lingnan University $3,950,000 2010-09-30
Structural Repair to External Wall and Renovation Works The Gardens Co. Ltd. $7,550,000 2010-09-30
Replacement of Defective Paving Blocks at External Areas of Block 28 to 41 at Sha Tau Kok Chuen (09/STKC/03) (B/20090124/STKC) Hong Kong Housing Society $2,057,561.00 2010-05-31
Renovation of External Wall The Incorporated Owners of Euro Trade Centre $2,968,000 2008-09-30
External Wall and Interior Renovation Works Swanco Ltd. $25,000,000 2008-03-31
Tuen Mun Promenade Park Phase 1 ASD $7,900,785 2005-02-27
External Wall & Interior Renovation Works to Sunny Villa, 218-240 Castle Peak Road, Yau Kom Tau, NT, Ownership of Sunny Villa Association $18,380,000 2003-06-30
Repaving to carpark at carpark entrance and near Tak Chuen Lau of Lai Tak Tsuen Hong Kong Housing Society $1,499,365 2002-09-30
Renovation works to the washrooms of the Southern Student Hostels (Phase II) Lingnan University Lingnan University $1,176,700 20020731
Interior Fitting Out works at Hong Kong Football Club Hong Kong Jockey Club 1998